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Cyber Spartin provides hybrid solutions delivering the highest levels of protections for clients. This begins with NIST from SOC compliance to NIST 800-172 through NIST 800-53 depending on client needs. Cyber Spartin XDR, & XDRAS, solutions automate threat detection and remediation so engineers can focus on the most advanced adversaries. .

Network Compliance Monitoring

Our team of security experts can help you assess and identify areas of improvement in your security posture and work with you to fix your compliance shortfalls. In addition to monitoring and detection, your service includes vulnerability management, which is a major requirement to meet compliance standards. Our cybersecurity software can validate your controls to help you maintain your compliance.

Cloud & Hybrid Security Solutions

Today’s cloud security professionals are faced with persistent attackers, sophisticated bots, and advanced command and control software, along with an enterprise perimeter that is increasingly difficult to enforce. We provide defense in depth with our adaptive threat protection, helping you evolve toward a zero trust architecture and protecting you from the largest and most sophisticated attacks. We encounter a multitude of network configurations and provide a road map to security.

SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response)

Cyber Spartin implements an Endpoint protection solutions that encompass the entire platform. Endpoint protection prevents unauthorized users from accessing the network and includes best practices of least privilege access. Endpoint utilizes a combination of known malware protection and ML/AI software that evaluates incoming network traffic preventing new attacks.Endpoint protection is just the beginning of Cyber Spartins Complete security stack.


UEBA (stands for User and Entity Behavior Analytics)

UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics) It is a security technology that focuses on monitoring and analyzing the behavior of users and entities within  network environment to detect and prevent potential security threats.  By leveraging UEBA technology, organizations can enhance their security posture by detecting and responding to security incidents more effectively. It enables a proactive approach to cybersecurity by focusing on behavior patterns rather than solely relying on traditional rule-based approaches.

Research and Development

Cyber Spartin prioritizes remaining abreast of the latest threats our clients face, then proactively implementing strategies to protect client information infrastructure. Additionally, Cyber Spartins' team of security engineers are developing asymmetrical Cybersecurity solutions ever changing attack landscape, with the objective of contributing new solutions that improve information seccurity.

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Network engineers leverage XDR, the latest automation detecting and responding to malicious activity. Automation prevents most threats so cybersecurity engineers can focus on eliminating advanced actors.

Zero Trust NDR

Zero Trust includes network detection and response (NDR) that verifies all network activity.  Fullfilling "Never Trust Always Verify" incorporating layering approach preventing unathorized access to information

24/7 MDR

Managed Endpoint Services includes advanced endpoint deployment services, ongoing policy and configuration management, 24x7x365 incident monitoring, threat hunting, and more.

Cloud Security

Securing the cloud is vital in todays distrubuted networks, and Cyber Spartin secures all connections through automated & managed monitoring solutions protecting all connections

IOT & Dark Web

Active intellegence gathering is a vital component to securing the network, and preventing adversaries from aquiring network information is vital to securing networks,

Next Gen Firewall

Next Gen Firewalls protect endpoints through layering technologies, and deep packet inspection protects against unknown malware leveraging neural ai.  Providing visablity & control.

Next Gen Authentication

End to End Military Grade 256 bit AES encryption in conjunction with proprietary bio authentication eliiminates the need and risk associated with passwords.  Authentication is a minimum protection against unathorized network access, and incorporating unlimited cypher keys provides protection against emerging threats in computing advancement.  Layering preventive access at the endpoint, while maintaining network activity monitoring is vital to securing information.

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