Cyber Spartin Rapid Cyber Superiority 24/7 Managed XDR SOC Zero Trust ZTNA Central Security Across Distributed Networks Secure All Network Activity

Rapid Cyber Superiority


Cyber Spartin Provides Centralized Dashboards that Incorporate Effecient Workflow, while providing situational awareness through complete and clear view of network actiity.


Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) technology automates tasks between tools and engineers.  SOAR as defined by Gartner, is designed to operate under three primary software capabilities: threat and vulnerability management, security incident response, and security operations automation.



User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA)  utilizes algorythems to evaluate human behavioir and network functions to detect malicious activity.  Cyber Spartin leverages UEBA to thwart attacks before malfactors obtain intellegence thwarting network penetration and negating insider threats.


Threat intellegence platform (TIP) provides data on the latest malware and attack vectors , incorporating it into Cyber Spartin’s Threat Intellegence database Ai then evaluates all threat information predicting future attacks.  Preparing systems and engineers for prevention and response to the latest threats.


Rapid Cyber Superiority converged security tool platform, integrates, and aggregates all security data into a single pane of glass for data normalization and advanced security detections. By creating a modular ecosystem that supports the current (and future) investments in clients’ cybersecurity tools, Cyber Superiority provides a future-proofed approach to cybersecurity.

Zero Trust Network Monitoring
Zero Trust Network Monitoring

Zero Trust architechture

Cyber Spartin Zero Trust provides the means for security teams to continuously monitor and manage the hygiene, risk, and hardening of their entire estate as part of a Zero Trust strategy. An effective Zero Trust framework integrates best-of-breed solutions and existing infrastructure to fill security gaps without a forklift upgrade of the security stack.

Cyber Spartin XDR provides visibility, analytics, and autonomous response capabilities that help organizations move to a Zero Trust security model.

Network Discovery and Response (NDR)
Network Discovery and Response (NDR)

NDR is a native-capability within the Cyber Spartin Cyber Supremecyintegrated XDR Platform. Everything you need to get fully featured NDR including propritory newtork activity sensors, centralized data lake and a powerful AI Engine. Don’t let risk and threats hide in your network, get NDR up and running in hours to protect your enterprise and enforce Zero Trust at no additional cost.

Threat Hunting Utilising Accurate Network Intellegence
Threat Hunting Utilising Accurate Network Intellegence
Cyber Spartin utiises propritory technology that monitors all acces points, network activity, IOT information, dark web, and intellegence advisories,

An AI analytics dashboard for intelligent cybersecurity insights can provide valuable information and visualizations to help organizations monitor and understand their security posture. Here are some key components and features that such a dashboard may include: The dashboard should offer customizable reporting capabilities, allowing security teams to generate comprehensive reports tailored to their specific needs and requirements. Reports can include metrics, trends, and insights to support decision-making and communicate the cybersecurity posture effectively.

Consolidated Data Pane View

  • Lightweight Metadata from all sources*
  • Provides full visibility
  • Lean and cost-effective infrastructure

Neural Ai Intellegent Detections

  • MITRE ATT&CK Framework mapped detections & playbooks
  • Machine Learning enabled and UEBA focused
  • Investigative playbooks from day one with over 100 use-cases

Cloud & Hybrid Security Solutions

  • Cloud EDR (endpoint detectiono and response protection throught the cloud
  • Insert business logic to create an ecosystem across your stack
  • Automate common tasks to expedite response and ease the burden on your team.

Threat Remediation

To correlate risk and threats across distributed networks data must be aggregated and stored in a central Data Lake. Cyber Spartin uilizes data automation to detect mlware and malicious behaviour.

Data Repository

Cyber Spartin automatically normalizes data and enriches it with multiple built-in Threat Intelligence feeds at no additional cost. Works out of the box, yet allows you to customize with you rown feeds if you want.

Neural Ai

The scale of modern networks demands AI for automated detection and response. Cyber Spartin uses AI-powered detections and correlations for NDR and UEBA so you can get up andrunning as quickly to detect every type of threat.

Complete Coverage

Ditributed networks envolve cloud computing, on premisis, and remote access, which expands the threat landscape. Cyber Spartin secures all network connections and activity of the most complex information systems,

Data Accuracy

Cyber Spartin normalizes and refines data from multiple sources , providing accurate complete information constantly improving AI detection capability of known and unknown malware.

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